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Introduction When we began work on these books five years ago, we had no idea what we had just said "Yes" to. At first we thought we were just collecting stories for another Chicken Soup for the Soul book, but as we began to talk to people, listen to the amazing stories and watch hundreds of volunteers come forth who just wanted to be a part of this project, we knew we were into something much, much more. We were honoring our unique journey, our history and stating our intentions for the future, and we were sharing our character, our faith, and our multifaceted culture through our stories. As we worked on the first book, Chicken Soup for the African American Soul (released in Aug. 2004), we knew that these stories would uplift and inspire the readers, but what we were not prepared for was how having a story in the book and being part of the team working on the project would affect the writers and volunteers. I can honestly say a "Chicken Soup family" has been formed. The book was the stone thrown into a pond-the ripples have been layers and layers of inspiration for those involved at every level-from , who had to pull over while driving because a story shared in a radio interview touched him so deeply a man who decided to stay in his career as a teacher because of a story in the book that reminded him of why he showed up at work each day, the story contributor whose manager congratulated her and apologetically acknowledged that she had never taken the time to meet her in person prior to her story being in the book, the children who felt self-love and self-acceptance through the recognition that they are not alone after hearing the stories of others. It is with great pleasure that we are now able to introduce the second book, Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul, (released Aug. 2006). While the "first helping" was wonderful, the "second helping" is even more filling, as we capture a glimpse into the experience of being an African American Woman. We invite you to get a cup of coffee or tea while you sit back and enjoy this site. Here you will find ways you can join our "Chicken Soup Family", you will find sample stories, learn about the story selection process, and discover how to submit your stories for future Chicken Soup for the African American Soul books. Remember, the joy of these stories is in the sharing-get the books, read the stories to your kids, your elderly parents and grandparents, give the books as gifts to your friends.share our stories far and wide so that the "ripple" has the opportunity to uplift and inspire the world round. The truth is that WE ALL HAVE A STORY. It is my hope that these books remind you of your own powerful journey and the story that brought you to where you are today. Even more importantly, that you remember your story is still in the making, and you are the author. May these stories inspire you to greatness.

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The author Chicken Soup for the African American Soul talks about the importance of faith, family, and storytelling in the black community -- and shares her own tale.

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